Collision Repair: You’re in the Driver’s Seat, Not the Insurance Company

We pay for auto insurance so that we have the peace of mind that if when an accident occurs, our vehicles are guaranteed professional repair. But does your insurance company always have your best interest at heart? Some do. Some don’t.

In the event of an accident, some insurers will try to steer you to one of their preferred shops, usually because that shop has a contract to do repairs at a specific rate. Depending on the insurance carrier, the quality of the auto body shop in question, and the work that needs to get done, this is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as a criterion of excellence is adhered to. However, because that criteria of excellence is not going to be present with all collision centers, you should know that ultimately it is your right to choose the auto body shop of your own preference.

Parkville Auto Body has Direct Repair Programs (DRPs) with two of the top companies in the auto insurance field. These carriers know our work meets the highest standards with quick turnaround time, premier customer service, and an unparalleled commitment to quality. So, they refer their clients to us. They know their policy holders will get the best quality work possible.

But what if you’re insured through a difference company? Can you still have Parkville Auto Body do the work?

The answer is yes. In the event of an accident, by law you have the right to take your vehicle to the auto body shop of your choosing. So even if you’re not with an insurance carrier we have a direct repair program with, you can still bring your vehicle to Parkville Auto Body for the quality work you need done to put your vehicle back on the road looking good and driving like new. And of course we will handle the details with your insurance company.

The bottom line is, Parkville Auto Body has an excellent reputation with northwest suburban drivers, and for good reason. You know you will get the best quality work from us, regardless of who insures your car. So do many insurance companies. But even if your carrier suggests a different shop, it is your right to insist that Parkville Auto Body do your repairs.

For more information on Direct Repair Programs, consider this article from the Insurance Information Institute.