Customer Service:  Going the Extra Mile

Customer service and customer satisfaction mean everything to us. Just ask Norton.

Norton G. from Mount Prospect, brought in his car for some auto body repairs. After the repairs were completed, he returned the next day. He heard a wind/air noise when he drove that was not there before the repair. We checked and could not find anything amiss. The following week, Norton returned about the same issue. He admitted the sound didn’t happen all the time, but at certain speeds and external temperatures, he heard it. It bothered him. He wanted it to stop and it was important to us resolve Norton’s issue.

So we scanned, checked, and thoroughly examined the car again, but could not find the source of the sound. We were stumped. Ultimately, we spoke to the dealership on Norton’s behalf to see if they had any ideas. Luckily, the dealership we have a relationship with had just received a brand-new car of the same make and model as Norton’s. We asked the dealer to compare every part in the two cars side-by-side. At last, they identified the problem: a small plastic seal on Norton’s car had been accidentally installed upside down. Once it was installed right-side up, the clicking sound disappeared.

Norton could not be happier. That makes us happy, too.