Elmhurst Auto Body Customer: ‘Parkville’s work: flawless’

Since opening our doors in 1983, Parkville Auto Body has always placed a premium on customer satisfaction – it’s our number one concern. We pride ourselves on providing safe, quality automotive collision repairs, and have earned a reputation as one of the most reliable body shops in Elmhurst and the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago. We recently sat down with Kenny, an Elmhurst resident and longtime Parkville customer, about his experiences working with Parkville over the years.

“I’ve been a Parkville customer for over twenty-five years, and there’s a reason why I only have my vehicle repaired there,” says Kenny. “Their work is flawless.”

Kenny says Parkville’s biggest strength is the shop’s keen attention to detail.

“They’ve always done a great job,” he says. “Every time I get my vehicle repaired there, the paint looks great, the car is cleaned inside and out, and I’ve never had to go back for an adjustment or anything like that.”

When asked to sum up the best part about having his vehicles repaired at Parkville, Kenny said, “Their work is excellent, and they get the repair done in a timely manner. When someone I know has an issue with their vehicle, Parkville is the first place I recommend.

If you’re an Elmhurst resident seeking a high-quality auto body repair near you, call Parkville Auto Body today at (630) 526-7117, and get the collision repair solution you deserve.