Fleet Service Auto Body Repair, Your Way

As a family-owned auto body repair business for more than 35 years, we understand that any downtime is money lost. This is especially true when your fleet vehicles have been damaged. When you rely on a fleet for your business, you need a reliable option for your fleet auto body repair needs. We have extensive experience repairing fleet-owned vehicles and understand the need for an on-time, quality repair.

If you are a fleet operator or own a fleet management firm, we believe we can exceed your expectations when it comes to maintaining your fleet vehicles.

  • Located just south of O’Hare Airport, we are centrally located within Chicago’s industrial distribution core.
  • We’re easy to work with and willing to customize a program specifically for your company’s fleet.
  • We have the physical capacity and the professional staff you need to get your fleet back on the road quickly.
  • We offer the convenience of both pick-up and delivery service.
  • We’re the right size for your fleet needs – big enough to perform at the pace you need, yet small enough to provide the hands-on service you demand.

We take pride in our business and our relationships. Our shop is clean, organized, and set-up to perform. We understand the need for speed and quick turnarounds, but also value quality workmanship, which is why we believe we’re the right choice to meet and exceed all of your expectations.

Give us a call today and we will tell you how we will get your fleet back on the road to better performance tomorrow.