Joe Sanchez, Service Manager at Bredemann Toyota, Talks Parkville Service

We recently sat down with Joe Sanchez, the Service Manager at Bredemann Toyota in Park Ridge, to discuss his experience working with Parkville Auto Body located in Franklin Park. Parkville is the shop of choice for Bredemann Toyota’s auto body repair needs, including vehicles damaged in transport and on-site lot damage.

“Bredemann has enjoyed a great business relationship with Parkville for quite some time – I’ve actually been working with them for eighteen years,” says Sanchez. “I wouldn’t send my clients anywhere else.”

Sanchez says the most important factors for a good dealership-body shop relationship are communication and trust.

“Both elements go hand in hand – solid communication helps build trust,” says Sanchez. “With Parkville Auto Body, I never have to worry about the job getting done. Their team is thorough and on top of it from the jump, and that stems from the great communication skills they’ve displayed over the years.”

Sanchez adds, “Not only do I send Bredemann clients to Parkville, but I also get all of my own vehicles repaired there, as well as my family’s.”

According to Sanchez, the best part about working with Parkville Auto Body boils down to accommodation.

“They’re very accommodating to us and our needs,” explains Sanchez. “If I need an estimate on a vehicle, the Parkville team will get the quote done on the same day – or the very next day,” says Sanchez. “Whether it’s a car damaged in service, or a customer who needs an estimate, Parkville is there to help.”

Regarding Parkville’s quality of work, Sanchez says it’s second-to-none.

“Their work is totally seamless,” says Sanchez. “When you look at the cars they’ve repaired in the past, it’s impossible to tell if any bodywork has been done. They take their time to ensure the fit and finish is factory grade or above. Parkville cares about their work and what they do.”

When asked for an example of a time Parkville went above and beyond, Sanchez discussed an accident he had while traveling during the holiday season.

“We were on our way down to Louisiana to visit some family for Thanksgiving,” says Sanchez. “We were struck on the highway, and the car wasn’t drivable. I called Parkville and they took it upon themselves to get the vehicle towed back to Chicago. The owner even met the tow truck driver at the facility to receive the vehicle – all on a holiday weekend.”

“I would recommend Parkville Auto Body to anyone,” says Sanchez. “It’s an honest, family-owned business – that’s hard to find nowadays.”